Sunday, August 4, 2013

Top Articles for Urban Land: July

July was a strong month for Urban Land, thanks to a few really strong pieces with nice images. Our social media manager has said that photos are what drive shares and likes on Facebook.

1. New Suburbanism: Reinventing Inner-Ring Suburbs: The authors of this piece were very excited to promote it to their own social networks, which lead to almost a thousand Facebook referrals. It also got solid traffic from Planetizen and Reddit.

2.  All Aboard: Rail-Centric Construction Gets Back on Track: Jeff Spivak is one of our very talented writers, and this piece on the redevelopment of train stations, particularly Union Station here in Washington, D.C. seemed to strike a chord. This was another winner on Planetizen, Reddit, and also was linked to by the APA blog and Chicago's Curbed site.

3 + 4. Mixed Use in an Overretailed Landscape"Urbanizing" a Suburban Colorado Mall: The second article here was a sidebar of the main magazine article, but both articles did really well for us.

5. Reinventing Hilton Head: This was another piece with great visuals, as we even had some black and white photography of the original developers of Hilton Head.

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